Oving Scarecrow Day

Celebrating Our Community

Thanks to all the  following...

We run our event on a break-even basis and use only volunteer manpower to organise it, yet we still rely on our wonderful sponsors to enable us to offer our family activities either free or at very low prices. In this difficult economic environment, we are passionate about wanting everyone to be able to enjoy Oving Scarecrow Day.

We owe a massive thank you to our sponsors, many of whom have been with us from day one. So, thank you:

- to the Woodhorn Group – for sponsoring a prize trophy and for providing us with possibly the most popular regular event of the day, the free tractor rides around the village.

- to Madam Green Farm for sponsoring a prize trophy and for allowing us to set up our dog arena, our steam engines and all the other outside activities we provide on their inviting site.

- to His Grace, the Duke of Richmond, for sponsoring a prize trophy, which he has done enthusiastically and unstintingly since the beginning.

- to The Oving Clinic, who regularly sponsor our Evening Party, where we always try not to pass them new business despite any boisterous dancing that might occur once the fabulous Cheese Bandits get going!

- to the fabulous Wayside Organics, who provide gorgeous organic salads for our annual barn dance and who have also donated a fantastic veg box as a raffle prize on Scarecrow Day.

- to Summer Berries who provide us the most delicious tasting strawberries for our barn dance each year.

- to Earth Cycle who have continued to support the day by running our popular seed potting activity allowing visitors to plant a bean or a sunflower to take home and enjoy watching it grow. They generously donate their own peat free sustainably produced compost for our day.

- to Tangmere Airfield Nurseries, who have again generously donated a fantastic selection of their sustainably produced sweet pepper varieties.

- to The Gribble Inn, who donate a prize for the winner of our scarecrow draw.

- to all those who have donated desirable raffle prizes.

- to everyone who built a scarecrow and so contributed to the festive feeling around our beautiful village.


Finally, thank you to you, our visitors, for joining us in celebrating our community. We hope we may even have inspired you to start your own community event, celebrating the special nature of your own home. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you again next year.

Thank you one and all.